About us

Every assignment starts with good listening. We are at your service.

Design team


ir. Vasco da Silva, MArch

founder, creative director, architect


ir. Vincent van Unen, MArch



Saskia Everaert

co-founder, director, interior stylist

Former team members

Catherine Hilder - designer
ing. Jorgo Riganas - engineer
ing. Patrick Zwiers - architect
ing. Jorrit Jacobs - engineer
ir. Michel Zethof - architect
Madalena Maia - trainee
ir. Floor Marree - architect
ir. Michiel de Korte - architect
ing. Katja Freistedt - architect
ing. Sabine Locke - architect
Vanda Evora - trainee
ing. Jarmila Domazlicka - architect
ing. Anne Weiman - engineer
Jesper Zuiddam - trainee
Selvio Cardoso - trainee

Founded in 1995 by Vasco da Silva, VSAP is broad in its scope despite its modest and intimate size. It consists of creative professionals with technical expertise. The firm’s horizontal organization enables short lines of communication so that we can work quickly and effectively. Our unique selling point is to translate our client’s wishes and demands 1 on 1. Good listening is the key concept here. A team of designers then mobilizes creativity and inventiveness into thoughtful and sustainable design. We believe that a thoughtful design of everyday spaces makes our daily lives more pleasant.