About us

We don't do storytelling. We prefer to listen to our clients!

Design team

IMG 2751

ir. Vasco da Silva, MArch

founder, creative director, architect

+DSCN3709 Fumi

Fumi Hoshino, MArch

senior architect

Saskiadasilva kopie

Saskia Everaert

co-founder, director, interior stylist

Cecilia over ons team vsap

Ing. Cecilia Miedema

junior architect


Founded in 1995 by Vasco da Silva, VSAP is broad in its scope despite its modest and intimate size. All team members are both creative designers and skilled structural engineers. The lines of communication within the office are short, allowing us to work quickly and effectively.

STORYTELLING? We don't do that. We prefer to listen to our clients! Every new assigment starts with listening very carefully. To people, their stories and their wishes. We then convert those wishes into ideas. Buildings give materiality to our ideas. Once materialized, an idea will be transformed into thoughtful and sustainable design. We believe that a thoughtful design of everyday spaces makes our daily lives easier and more pleasant. That is what we strive for!


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