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Architects shape landscapes, villages and cities. The buildings they design offer people a pleasant place to work or provide a save roof over their heads. But buildings also provide a framework for human relationships. We believe that good architecture creates a better world and we would like to make our contribution. For this we need your trust!

It is between walls that we have become who we are. That is why we dare to say that architecture is about people!

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apartment building with commercial area, Zwijndrecht

Vasco da Silva Architectural Planning (VSAP) was founded in 1995. Since then, we have strived to realize and exceed our ambitions, with designs that are not only innovative, but also sustainable, social, affordable and flexible. Over the years we have completed numerous small and larger projects, including villas, apartment buildings, healthcare and educational buildings and commercial and office buildings. We consider the most diverse design issues. Both exterior and interior design, on a smalle and large scale. We have learned that functions inevitably change. That is why we must create buildings that are prepared for (un)predictable changes.

We employ a diverse team of passionate and experienced professionals, both architects and structural engineers. They are the driving force in the design process and create added value through knowledge of construction technology and vision of the built environment. The intensive collaboration within our office and with external consultants enriches the design and guarantees the quality of our work. That quality reflects the collective commitment of a diverse and engaged team.

We are guided by our passion for architecture. But we are here for you. We like to think along with you!

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